Is Armor Bearers Appropriate for TEENS?
Absolutely! We welcome any high school aged young men to Armor Bearers! It would be great to be able to equip and empower YOUNG lives to be an Armor Bearer for Christ in their worlds!  While younger guys may also want to come, the Planning Team advises that many of the breakout sessions will include personal testimonies that some boys are not yet able to fully understand, additionally difficult topics such as drugs and pornography are at times discussed from the main stage.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch will consist of a BBQ pork sandwich, cole slaw, baked beans, cookies, and tea or lemonade to drink.  This lunch is free and will be waiting for you in the cafeteria during your assigned lunch session. If you have a special diet, or would prefer something other than pork, we ask that you would pack your own lunch on Saturday. Refrigerators are available, just check in at the registration desk and we will take care of it for you!

I am applying for a mission booth, should I still register?

Yes, please! We ask that even those who are approved to set up a mission booth at the conference would still register, so that we have an accurate count for space in the auditorium and lunches. While waiting to hear back on the status of your booth space, please go ahead and choose breakout sessions and if approved we can adjust your registration from our end.

If I have a booth, will I still get to participate in the conference?

Booths will be open for an hour prior to the conference on Friday, and an hour before and after the conference on Saturday as well as during breakout sessions. We ask that you would have someone at your table to answer questions, connect with attendees, and if applicable sell items, during all of these times. HOWEVER, while the main stage presentations, specials, and worship are taking place we would invite all of our vendors and booths to please join us in the auditorium for encouragement from speakers and worship leaders!